We’re delighted to offer you exclusive savings of more than 30% on the Limited Red Edition. This offer is valid until December 31st, 2017.*

Limited Red Edition
Pure. Minimalistic. Always one step ahead.

SCROOSER is an emission-free electric scooter. 
It’s unique and a one of a kind.
• 100% Made in Germany 
• Pure & Minimalistic Design
• Street legal in Germany and Europe**
• Maximum speed of 25 km/h
• Range up to 55 km

New Price 2999€

Old Price 4490€                

Your Savings 1491€ (33%)

The emission-free electric scooter is street legal in Germany and whole Europe**. A helmet is a requirement by law for your own safety. 

Sport, Comfort, Eco and Hand. Depending on your choice, the portable and mobile 36 V/20 Ah battery has a range of 55 km. Full load capacity will be reached after four hours.

* The saving refers to the sales price excluding shipping cost. | **Scrooser is street legal in most European countries, excluding e.g. Switzerland.